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Fall Paint Tips

Wow! The colors of fall! Acorn Squash, Pumpkin Spice, Ginger Bread Man! From the deep greens of late summer to the oranges and yellows of October, to the pumpkins and golds of late fall. Hope you caught that on camera! And different sun angles changing them all the time!

With autumn in full swing, the ghosts and goblins will soon give way to the hues of winter and the Holidays. Did you put off painting last year? Maybe it’s time now. After last year and Hurricane Sandy a lot of us have held off, while some have forged ahead in full recovery mode! You can see the shore getting better all the time. So, now would be a good time to repaint the living room, spruce up the kitchen, or just start small with a bathroom or two.

We have all the colors, the best paints from Benjamin Moore, all the tools, and all the items you need to spice up, spruce up, and freshen up you home today. Stop in and see us for the best advice from our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff. We’re glad to help. And here is a paint tip for you:


Painting a room with the same paint, from the same can in different temperatures can cause a difference in color! That’s right. If you paint one day, and continue on another day at a much different temperature, the paint can look different! So let’s try to get this room finished today okay?

Have you seen the Benjamin Moore television ads for “all that matters”? What matters most to us at Belmar Paint & Decorating is that you find the best colors for your home, take advantage of our knowledgeable staff, and that you have a great shopping experience with us. But don’t wait too long now. There’s a man in a red suit lurking!

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